Jacque Polynice: "Skidda" w/ Mike Slott Remix

by Circuitree Records

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Jacque Polynice
“Skidda” / “Obama O’s” (remix by Mike Slott)

"Jacque Polynice’s Skidda 12” on Circuitree is one of my favorites of 2011, and he is one of my favorite new upcoming artists. A wonderful sonic journey through beautifully intricate layered textures and beats." -- Richard Devine


1. Skidda
2. Obama O’s (Mike Slott Remix)

Jacque Polynice is back after his successful 2009 EP release, Strangelet Value, with a brand new digital single for the track “Skidda,” as well as a Mike Slott remix of his “Obama O’s.” “Skidda” is a more in your face, heavy hitter that borders on the edge between sci fi electronica and golden era boom bap (think DJ Premier meets Autechre.) The track is based around a jazz riff which acts as the centerpiece, while otherworldly sound design orbits a universe of banging drums and bass. In JP’s world, digital signal processing meets vintage vibes and organic textures which sound something like the trees talking through mics with built in Reaktor patches. This track rewards repeated listens, bristling with details and perhaps hidden narratives. Having crafted a sound that is both futuristic and retro...Jacque Polynice is ready to hit planet Earth like a meteorite this year. Prepare!

Jacque Polynice is the understated, chill dude on the sidelines who focuses on the important things: making the best music possible. Think of that "lazy Sunday" beat haze ... Madlib meets Herbert on a mission! He encapsulates what Glitch Hop and IDM were at their best while maintaining a rich and authentic jazz essence. This cat is a true horn player, pianist, drummer, sound designer, composer...and now that you know, stay up on him!


Mike Slott

Mike Slott has become one of the most sought after beat producers in the world. Having seized the attention of Mary Anne Hobbes, and Gilles Peterson, as well as remixed heavyweight Flying Lotus, he’s seen a meteoric rise in recognition over the past year or two. We have been fans of his from the get go, and are thrilled to have paired him up with Jacque Polynice for this one. His take on “Obama O’s” is quite different from the original, eschewing many of the melodic ideas for a more pointillist approach. His signature sound is alive: detailed percussive fragments and textures seem to fly the aural plane, while little bits of chopped voices dance around in the background like gnomes, underpinned by a massive sub bass line, and jackhammer kicks and snares. There are traces of the Dubstep movement here. Maybe it’s simply the arpeggiated bass line or the overall mood of the piece, but there is the open space, and that heavy sense of foreboding so common to the genre. As with most of Mike’s productions, this is essentially an instrumental hip hop tune of the highest caliber. It’ll stand the test of time long after the beat movement is passe. Slott’s attention to detail, and wealth of musical ideas, beg for repeated listens for years to come.

Mike Slott is a founding member of the Lucky Me label and collective, and has had releases out on All City, Warp, Numbers and many more. Having played shows and collaborated with fellow Glosgowian Hudson Mohawke on the Heralds of Change albums, Slott have recieved worldwide recognition and the invaluable support of figureheads like Flying Lotus and Mary Anne Hobbes. He has a handful of brilliant releases and compilation appearances, as well as stellar remixes already out...still, one can’t help but think his best music is forthcoming.



released February 13, 2011



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