Kentsoundz — Wavelengths

by Circuitree Records

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Kentsoundz is more than just a mere beat maker: he is a gifted producer who can play a myriad of instruments, guide singers and rappers to their own personal heights, and is an extraordinary songwriter/composer who crafts timeless melodies that linger in ones mind long after consumption . Named Best Collaborator by the Miami New Times, Kentsoundz has helped shape his various projects (Junc Ops, Treesoundz, Inner City Bonfire and many more) into world class behemoths to be reckoned with.

His first true solo album, Wavelengths is a collection of his finest works to date, a retrospective spanning more than five years of creative output and includes a number of collaborations with talented singers and songwriters, as well as a handful of solo works. The common thread is evident: Llove is a complex beast we must all confront in order to find our salvation, and although heartbreak and doubt surface in many of the songs, there remains the potential for redemption, which the simple utterance of "I love you" could provide."

And the music? A melodic orgy underpinned by massive sub bass. Somehow straddling the world of pop music and the so called underground, Kentsoundz draws upon influences as diverse as Salsa and Merengue to Psych Rock, Metal, Golden Era Hip Hop, Electro and everything else in between. Despite the diversity of his influences, Kentsoundz has forged a unique sound, one that is emotive and romantic, yet tough and funky. Huge strings and synth pads echo into eternity while colossal beats and rhythms drive the songs toward dance-floor frenzies.

This is music as sensitive as it is pounding, as poignant in the club as it is in intimate settings, which crosses musical divides, and travels through space in both waves and particles, whose final destination is an idealized utopia where love really does save us all.

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released April 10, 2010



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