Nightshade - Panther God

by Circuitree Records

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With Nightshade, Paul Gaeta (Circuitree) drops the sophomoric PG-13 moniker for something a bit more foreboding, to become Panther God. In part, a homage to Art Bell radio broadcasts, which revel in the paranoia of the paranormal, Nightshade is a 7 song ep that takes you on a journey from abduction to integration and back again, on a lightship made of sound. Where so many prophesied lightships have failed to appear, Nightshade delivers, with highly detailed electronic music destined to be the soundtrack to inner space explorations.

"I found inspiration in the hope these people had for a second-coming type event. They seek something that will abduct them from their ordinary lives and sweep them beyond the limits of their imagination...We seek God in the paranormal."

Panther God has pushed his own imagination, machines and techniques to their relative limits, with detailed and heavily processed layers that weave together rhythmic narratives, portent of future space travel and metaphysical exploration. Taking equal parts Garage and 2 Step, as well as IDM and the sampling ethos of Hip Hop, Panther God has performed a sort of musical alchemy to get the gold that is a unique psychedelic experience, forged of intense dedication, time, and focus.

Nightshade is the poison that takes us between realms, between the dimensions of being. Imbibe.

"loving it...very detailed and sonically smooth throughout. To me, it sounds like Monolake hung out with Boards of Canada one night then Burial came over and voila!" -Jacque Polynice

"Wow, your EP is running hot! Seriously diggin it!" -
-Tokyo Dawn Records

"drawing from the new beat movement, Panther God melds the grid with the off grid creating a sound that is entirely his own. The sound design reminds me of some ancient technology that is far beyond what skyscraper architects will ever understand. We're talking floating pyramids here.

"A really cinematic trip through so many head bobbing beats and really well crafted samples. Presently it is in heavy rotation in my single cd player in the car, and its feeling like that's where it will be for a while. Shit is teh dopehz all the way through" - Sugarpill

Released 13 March 2010

"CNTRLR" features DJ CNTRL (drum programming)

Everything else, played, recorded, processed and engineered by Paul Gaeta (BMI), from Jan - October 2009.

Mastered by Omar Clemetson (Supersoul)

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released March 13, 2010



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